Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kniting hard, but nothing to show for it...yet.

This has been a week of this and that. I finished the sleeves, back, and right front of my Dramatic Lace Wrap Cardi; I did a few pattern repeats on my Froot Loop sock; I am almost finished with the set up rows on my second Clapotis (more on that one in a minute). Nothing is complete yet, but I've enjoyed my week of knitting very much!

I think I was getting a little too focused on the finished products and forgetting that I love the process--so I even took a night off from knitting! My husband wondered if I was coming down with something. It did feel strange to just sit on the couch and watch television. It's probably been months since I have done that! The point is, I absolutely do not want my hobby to start feeling like a To Do List, and it was starting to...just a little.

As much as it feels great to knit a whole sweater in just a few weeks, or take a work-in-progress out of its hiding place and finish it up, the tactile aspects of knitting can create space in my day for thinking, breathing, and turning off my brain from the endless tasks of motherhood. I watch the color changes in the yarn and notice the way one project's rhythm, look, feel is different from another's.

Anyway, I will have something to show for this week's knitting eventually, but not tonight. Tonight, I can tell you I love pink, I love alpaca/silk yarn, and I am sleepy.

That's called "Sunkissed." It makes me look forward to the summer, and also to the fall when I will be able to wear the scarf that it's going to be. Good night!

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