Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Aloha! (Hello, I mean)

I'm back from vacation, and I got some good knitting done on my copy of the Allegoro Drape Front Cardigan (a sleeve and a half, plus some more of the body)...but here is a little taste of our trip to Maui for now!

The view from my lounge chair:

The view from our lanai:

Just one of the thousands of tropical flowers we saw:

A humuhumunukunuku'apua'a (trigger fish) daughter saw tons of these at Kaanapali Beach through her bodyboard's snorkle window:

Ready to "hike" the Iao Valley:

The Iao Needle (I was SO bummed--I didn't bring my wide angle lens on this hike and all I had was a zoom, so this was the best picture I could get of the needle from the top of the hill):


  1. Looks lovely! I'd love to go to Hawaii someday, as I'm approximately 1/16th Hawaiian. :)

    Which is weird, because 1/16th is the biggest known ethnic group in my heritage. Other than the 1/16th of me that is polynesian, I'm a total mutt.

  2. I am a mutt, too! I'd say 1/16 Native American and 1/4 German, but who knows after that. Hawaii is beautiful. I'd actually recommend Kauai over Maui--Kauai is much less "citified," and more what I think of when I think tropical island.

  3. Hey, happy early birthday! :) I almost NEVER meet anybody with my exact birthday. I think it's been a whopping two.

  4. Hi Amy, Looks like you had a lovely vacation - Lucky you! Happy knitting. Kind regards, Anita.

  5. This looks amazing. Sigh...
    Also, I can't believe you actually spelled out the name of that fish. Holy mother of purl.

  6. BEAUTIFUL pictures Amy. You must have really enjoyed having the camera with you!

  7. Daisy: My daughter is OBSESSED with that fish. She told the airline security person, the flight attendants, the shuttle driver, etc. and etc. that she was in Hawaii to see one. And she said the whole name, every time. :)

    AM: I have more pics, I will show you later...just working on cropping etc. I love my new camera!!

  8. I've never been to Hawaii. Looks like you had a nice time. Beautiful pictures!