Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tendonitis. :(

Though I've tried and tried to deny it, my tendonitis in my right hand is officially acting up. Boo. I've taken one day off from knitting this week, and I am afraid it's going to take another couple of days of rest at least to get it down to a manageable level. SO annoying. I first got it when my oldest daughter was tiny and, in hindsight, colicky--the constant holding, breastfeeding, holding some more, breastfeeding some more, rocking, and well, you get the idea...all of that was too much for my poor hand. I had so much pain that most ordinary motions were excruciating. My doctor had me put my right hand and wrist in a splint, and I promptly got tendonitis in my left hand from overuse in compensation. Some physical therapy and almost a year later, my hands were fine again. I didn't get it at all with my son, since he wasn't much for the constant breastfeeding and holding, but periods of intense knitting will get me every time. The things we suffer for our craft!

At least embroidery uses different motions, so I think I am ok to keep working on my mom's bag. Send healing vibes my way, please!!


  1. Oh no! Ok, lots of healing vibes coming your way. Most definitely.

    My sister-in-law is having issues with her hands right now. Somebody suggested to her having one of those paraffin wax treatments as a way to just relax. (plus, you know, pampering. YAY!)

  2. That wax idea sounds wonderful! They did some sand with heat treatments at physical therapy way back when so I imagine it would work on the same principle!

  3. Oh my goodness. ONE DAY off from knitting?! By the way, I LOVE your new background. So organic.

  4. Vibes are sent, and sent again - just in case they get caught in the holiday rush.